Healthier lifestyle
Lifetime benefits
Improved diagnosis
Disease prevention
Better treatments and prescriptions
Deeper awareness of family history

Comprehensive knowledge

Each person is genetically unique. Genetic knowledge can reveal your predisposition to certain diseases, how your organism may deal with certain conditions and how you'll respond to given treatments.


Your genome is the sum of all genetics information you carry, determining to a significant extent, who you are. This information is written in a four-letter language: your DNA.

Unique Genome

Differences in these letters make your genome unique. Identifying those differences and understand the meaning behind leads to a more personnalised care.

Sample DNA

DNA is found in every cell of your body. When you provide a blood or a saliva sample to a lab, your DNA is ready for extraction.

Lab Work

Your DNA is processed through a combination of chemical procedures and data analyses. These technologies identify thousands of alterations in your genome.

Individualised Results

Comprehensive algorithms analyse your genetic data, cross-checking it with the latest reference datasets and specific evidence. All meaningful changes are then used to build a unique report.

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