Access to a comprehensive e-catalog for genetic tests
Time and cost reductions
Assessment of genetic tests efficiency & efficacy
Real-time monitoring & management
Streamlined ordering workflow
State-of-the-Art Security & GDPR compliance

How Elsie Works

Elsie’s digital platform integrates all your circuits for genetic tests - from the clinical decision to the data analysis.


Draw & Enhance your circuits for genetic tests

Tailor Elsie to your own circuits. We will mirror your existing internal time-consuming paper circuits, and optimize them in our digital platform. Our experts will help you to identify improvement opportunities.

We'll adjust Elsie for you, from setting up accounts to crafting nurse/logistics instructions and managing genetic tests.
This way, your Health Unit will experience significant gains in efficiency, will comply with all legal issues related to Genetic Data and will gain genetic intelligence.

Share Elsie with your physicians. Elsie’s innovative web interface is ready to be used by your staff, giving them direct access to your integrated genetic test management system.


Order genetic tests

Simplify your ordering workflow. Elsie replaces numerous forms and documents by automatically filling them, and integrates them on your approval circuits.

  • Handling Samples

    Cutback your staff's workload. Elsie’s unified order confirmation provides all the necessary documents and instructions for a smoother, error-free sample handling and shipping process.


Have Genetic Data GDPR Compliant

Report results are delivered to your physician’s secure Elsie inbox. Every lab result is centralised in a single location using a proprietary cyber-secure access.

  • Genetic data and results will always be promptly available whenever you need to access it.

  • All accesses will be recorded in strict compliance with GDPR.

  • If your physicians ever need help to interpret the results, our genetic team is available to help them, too.


Real-time monitoring & controlling

Gain genetic intelligence for your healthcare unit.

  • Elsie provides powerful data analytics tools to aid with your genetic tests procurement, track purchase orders, enhance control on the purchase of genetic tests, and simplify your auditing.

Innovate with Elsie

Strengthen Lab Relationships

Connect with a growing network of labs to better meet your physicians’ needs. Elsie improves the interaction between healthcare units and laboratories so you don’t have to worry about sales, ordering or shipping logistics.

Save Time and Money

Decrease your operations costs and allocated resources time. Elsie is tailored to your administrative processes, which results in a less demanding workload. This allows your physicians, nurses and other staff to focus on meaningful tasks.

Unified Genetics Workflow

A unified and automated genetic tests purchase workflow increases the efficiency of your processes and reduces human errors. This means a smoother ordering process with fewer bottlenecks.

Reduce and Mitigate Risks

Elsie follows the best data storage and security practices, and is strictly compliant with the latest GDPR. Patients' data are anonymously encrypted in a controlled location, and genetic test results are delivered from the labs to each physician's secure inbox.

Simplify Auditing

Track all your genetic tests transactions in an innovative digital platform. Manage and evaluate your entire ordering flow, from purchasing genetic tests to receiving report results.

Start using Elsie

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